Don’t just dabble.

Guitar Coaching by Everett Young (Piano too.)

Don’t just dabble. Become. Transform yourself. Give yourself that gift. You don’t intend to take up guitar or piano just so you can put it down again a month later, after realizing how much there is to learn, right?

And yet, among people who start as adults…that’s what almost everyone does.

You need a teacher—a coach—who understands the unique challenges adult learners face. Your dreams of you the fantastic musician are 100% attainable. I’m here to help you get all the way there.

If you’re already a musician, I’ll help you to transform yourself so you’re operating at a whole different level.

I work extremely hard (but it’s hardly work—I love doing this) at two things: first, I develop lesson plans and daily practice plans for you that will take your playing in the directions you want to go. This includes making backing tracks for you to play along with—often tailored exactly to your needs.

More importantly, I make sure you’re handling in a powerful way the special challenges faced by adult learners of new instruments. The truth is that at ages 40, 50, even 90, we can learn as fast as kids do, but we tend to be more impatient, more distracted and dispirited by frequent thoughts about how distant our goals seem, about how imperceptible progress can be.

To get where we’re going, we have to be more diligent about keeping our focus “in the now,” in the daily practice of being a musician which is what, each and every day, even from day one, you now are.

For adult learners, this means there’s a more intentionally spiritual component to the study of music. The failure to cultivate and nurture (and, for teachers, the failure to coach in a powerful, positive way) this component is what trips up most of us. It’s what tripped me up several times before I finally, in my 40s, crossed the desert and became a professional guitarist.

I make a study of this. I have developed, and am continually refining and developing, strategies for keeping my students on the path.

Lessons are generally one hour, but we can tailor your lesson to be whatever you wish.


About Everett:

I’m Everett Young.

I played piano and wrote silly songs as a child. As a young adult, I played keyboards in bands and even got a job at a local studio and recorded some songs. As a keyboard player.

But one dream always eluded me. Always frustrated me. I had always wanted to play guitar.

Once, in my 20s, I tried to learn it. After a week, and surrounded by friends who seemingly all played guitar, I gave up. I could already play piano, and being a real guitarist, well, that just seemed too distant a dream.

Again, in my 30s, I tried. This time I practiced every day for perhaps two weeks! And once again, I gave up. Just too far to go.

As I entered middle age, I supposed that my dream would never be realized. I was too old to pick up a new instrument and seriously get anywhere.

But life takes strange turns. Something changed inside me. At 41, I committed myself to a guitar adventure that would end only when I drew my last breath. And at 45, I’m playing in two bands, making great-sounding records as a guitarist, and helping others transform themselves as I did.

Once upon a time, I didn’t believe I could do it. But I’ve done it, and I’m still doing it, still growing, still transforming myself as a musician. My adventure is well underway. So, it seems by the fact you’re reading this, is yours!

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