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22 July 2015

Get this great looking T-shirt just for listening to Kicklighter and commenting!

Lori KL shirt pic

Hey everybody. It’s Everett from Kicklighter here.

That’s Lori above, wearing her new Kicklighter T-shirt. Lori sings on the Kicklighter album “The Fascinating Thinking Machine” and she’s going to be singing a lot more on our next album, due out later this year (or early next year, you know how it goes).

And we’ll give you a great-looking T-shirt just like Lori’s, just for listening to our music, and writing a short review of the Kicklighter album, The Fascinating Thinking Machine, on the Kicklighter Facebook page.

There’s another design, too. I’m wearing it in the photo below, on the right. (That’s my friend, Tallahassee novelist Mark Canter, on the left.)

KL Tshirt, Ev and Mark

Want a shirt? Just e-mail us your address at kicklighter.connect@gmail.com, (or send it in a Facebook message to the Kicklighter Facebook page), and tell us which design you want (#1 on the left or #2 on the right), and which size. We’ll send you a download code and a T-shirt right away. (You can also just stream the album HERE, or listen right here at our website.)

For your part, you are promising to ACTUALLY SPEND SOME TIME LISTENING TO THE ALBUM, and WRITE A SHORT REVIEW of our music on our Facebook page. Please follow through! We are spending some money on this promotion! It’s fine if you hate it, but please give it a chance!

* If you don’t listen to music by download, and would prefer a CD, just say so in your e-mail and we’ll make special arrangements.

* Apologies, but we can’t afford to send free T-shirts abroad. It’s a U.S. and Canada promotion only, unless you’re willing to pay postage.


Some comments we’ve gotten so far:

“This is un-ironic “eighties music,” avoiding the goofy synth/caveman electronic drums while getting to the heart of what made the music of my high school decade so effective.  The influences are definitely there, but they are wonderfully subtle…Everett Young has successfully blended an “old school mentality” with a true concern for quality and masterful use of contemporary technology to create a genuine artifact.  Anybody who loves music should listen to this and love it. ” – Jeff Kersh

“So I just listened to Kicklighter’s new album, and I have this and ONLY this to say: Kicklighter is a very, VERY good band. Being a fan of The Smiths and Death Cab for Cutie, as well as Depeche Mode and The Cure, I was extremely pleased to hear familiar elements and instrumentation from all of the above-mentioned bands. The opening track, ‘Until You See the Sun,’ has a killer melody that is definitely catchy and moody. It blends elements of synth-pop and new-wave, as well as rock for an absolutely entrancing experience. It paints a picture, and that is what good music does.” – Ryan Bellegrave

“Reminded me of songs I grew up (with) and took me on a wonderful path of a new place that felt familiar.” – Shannon Klemm

“For those reading this, be forewarned: this isn’t simply noise to entertain your ears. These are artfully crafted, thoughtful pieces of art. My favorite was Until You See The Sun. In these songs, I hear hints of They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, and even possibly some REM and 90s Duran Duran. Again, this is a great job you did and I look forward to more music in the future hopefully! Cheers!” -Jayson LeRoy

“The Fascinating Thinking Machine is a big breath of fresh air! I am a child of the 70’s and a bassist. I have tried to remain open minded about today’s music but find that so much of it falls into a sea of sameness. I like the melodies and lyrics both. So glad ran across Kicklighter on Facebook! Keep up the good work! I would definitely come see Kicklighter if they were to come to Wiscinsin!” – Walter Splettstoesser

“This is actually the first time in a long time, that I’ve heard a new band actually has something different to bring to the table. I have a feeling I will grow to love most of the songs on your album over time.” – Andrew Tarr

“Alright, I love this music! I’ve been listening a lot and it makes me feel so relaxed and I can go into deep thought while it’s playing. I also can play video games to it without really being distracted. Itis much better than most things I listen to. You’ve got a great story and the music is so well done. I’m wearing my shirt with pride and am so excited to hear what’s next to come.” -Caleb Smith

“Really cool sounding music guys you did an awesome job! I will keep recommending you! Thanks for the cool shirt!” – Sal Graziano

“The 80’s in 2015, great sound. Love ‘Until You See the Sun’ and ‘When Howie Dressed Me Down.’ They have The Fixx and The Cure feel to them.” – Raul Llaneras

“It’s on my buy list for new music. Music has good depth and is engaging and the vocals have a modern twist. Nice job.” – Tony Tressell”

I received a t-shirt and listened to the album and both are really wonderful. Personally, I like the tenderness of “After the Healing” but I also really enjoyed “Until You See the Sun.” I’ve already listened to the album twice and I will definitely recommend this music to anyone looking for chill, cool music to enjoy. It’s different from popular music today.” – Kylie Krummel

“Great music! Keep rocking!” – Barbara Jones Pritchard

“Just listened to a few tracks. This stuff is great! Reminds me of what would be known in future common parlance as “dream pop” or “shoe gazing”! Well done Kicklighter!” – Daniel Marcella

“The album, in my unprofessional opinion is great. I enjoy the so called 80s-ish sound. I found that your music reminds of simpler times in music back when it wasn’t all dubstep. I was reminded of bands such as REM. I would love to add you guys to my alternative rock playlist I am certainly sharing this music with all my friends. Update I invited everyone I have on Facebook to like you guys!!!!” -Austin Comai

“Sounds good guys. It’s on my buy list for new music. Music has good depth and is engaging and the vocals have a modern twist. Nice job.” -Tony Tressel

“Just gave a listen! I love it …. I hear a little roxy music, fixx, Duran duran… Definitely downloading the album! Cheers!” -Nicholas Zentek

“Your Music is AWESOME!!! I’ve was listening to, “In to the Sun”. It reminded Me of Old School Tears for Fears.” -Benjamin Oseguera

“Got my shirt! Love it! C.D. is totally awesome, too!” -Dana Purpura

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this CD!!!! It is my go to driving music!” -Jim Hoinski

“Not my kind of music but it’s well written and produced. A bit on the predictable/cliche side but good nonetheless.” -Mark Burton

“Very unique style and sound. Very relaxing and great guitar playing. I would buy it…” -Jacqueline Ussery

Listened a couple times and it really sucks. Just kidding. Sounds great and I will give it another spin soon. Don’t need a Tshirt. Just need good thoughtful music. I caved into the temptation of reading through the lyrics. That only inticed me to listen more as the lyrics seemed enigmatic to me. I shared the Libertarian song for my Libertarian friends. I see the more recent single not off the album has a more catchy chorus. Following on Bandcamp. Worth checking out. This is not greasy kids stuff. Great to play at work as well as listening to with headphones to hear the lyrics. Kinda daring project and a late starter like me, so I like that. I’m a budding song writer myself at 51.” -Casey Harmono Van

“I’ve been listening to this a lot today and I think it’s going to have a spot in my rotation for awhile.” -Dan Boberg


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Until You See the Sun // Everett Young - The Fascinating Thinking Machine
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  6. When Howie Dressed Me Down // Everett Young - The Fascinating Thinking Machine
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